OMG you guys!!!  Today went from being a kind of whatever to AMAZINGLY SPECTACULAR in the space of about 35 seconds.

The lovely Miss Em and I were contemplating lunch possibilities for the day when she TOTALLY hit the nail on the head.  Greek.  Because you know what the Greeks do?  THEY SET STUFF ON FIRE.



Saganaki, kittens.  CHEESE ON FIRE.  You get it, right?  Like, did your down there tingle just THINKING about it?  Because mine hasn’t stopped tingling since the fateful decision was made.

That’s all I will leave you with at the moment, because quite frankly, I’m a little scarred today.  Ever since my completely innocent post about fabulous ‘stache glasses, my WordPress search terms have been SO DISTURBING that they make my stomach ball up and I find myself feeling a little queasy.

So come on, gross people out there!  STOP BEING GROSS!  And just eat flaming cheese.