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Today is the BEST DAY!

Do you guys know what day it is?  DO YOU??? CHAMPAGNE THURSDAY!!! After a long, hard week of getting up, going to work, doing workish stuff, THREE DAYS OF INSANITY (soon to be four),… Continue reading

Baby talk

You guys, it’s not even midnight yet and I’m already bored of New Year’s resolutions.  As much as I love a fresh start (and we all know I looooove a fresh start!) let’s… Continue reading

Here I Am!

A few weeks ago my darling Husbandio, my super sexy soul mate, the father of my children, the owner of my heart, gazed lovingly into my eyes from across the garage and said… Continue reading

Who’s the Most EVERYTHING of them all?

I wasn’t sure if I was going to use the Daily Prompt today since it related to my last post and y’all know that I like to keep things fresh for you.  That being said,… Continue reading

Take Your Own Advice!

Have you ever noticed what amazing life coaches we all are?  If you’re anything like me, then you give the BEST advice.  You can tell people everything about everything, whether you know anything… Continue reading

Self-Love, The Best Life Way

Hello again, my beautiful kittens!  Today is a very special day in The Best Life.  Today, we talk about Self Love. I’ll give you a moment to get your mind out of the… Continue reading

The Elf that Stole my Heart

Oh dear.  I have something to show you guys, but I don’t know if you’re ready. Are you sitting down? Have you seen lots of cute things today?  Like, too many cute things, so… Continue reading

You Say Traffic, I Say Dance Party

Today is a crazy nutso day at work, so y’all just have to bear with me and be happy with a quick “This is what is my Best Thing” post while I’m on my lunch. … Continue reading

Baby You’re a Song

You know those days when you get a song stuck in your head and it takes over your life?  I mean, not just the tune playing in your brain all day, but the… Continue reading

All You Need Is Love

Today is a wonderful day, you guys!  Four years ago today, I married the sexiest, funniest, kindest, most attentive and generous man I had ever met.  I know that there is no shortage… Continue reading

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