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Happy Champagne Thursday

Do you guys feel it? That totally amazing feeling that is half relief from surviving the holidays, and half determined resolve for a fabulous future? I sure do. We had a perfect Christmas.… Continue reading


Originally posted on the usual bliss:
In four days, Santa’s going to pull out his list- and check it twice. I made sure I’m on the “nice” list. I made TWO kinds of…

I’ll Jingle Your Bell

I’ve really been struggling this week, knowing that I should write something, but not being able to put any thoughts together. My brain and my attention have been scattered and focus just isn’t… Continue reading


I am honored to have written a guest blog for the beautiful super hero behind Keeping It Real. Hug your babies and drink some nog…everything else can wait.

Getting Into the Holiday Spirits

Yes, spirits.  Plural.  Because I’ve discovered the secret to true joy. In the interest of being inclusive of all people and boozahols, I have room in my heart and liver for more than… Continue reading


Originally posted on Love Letters to Myself:
…my Nitzer.  An internet romance of the best kind.     No, not Nitzer Ebb, who I was briefly into back in the 80s, along with…

Ignorance is Bliss

I’ve spent the past couple of years dealing quite well with a steady level of exhaustion. When I was pregnant, people would tell me the ever-famous, “Sleep now, because soon you won’t be… Continue reading


Originally posted on Shan's Shenanigans:
WARNING: These shenanigans are kind of political, and provide pictures of, *gasp*, breasts. I’m providing this warning not because of the pictures, but mostly because some people…

A Moment on the Lips

Yesterday was unexpectedly blue. There wasn’t any huge reason for it.  Was it hormones?  The rainy weather?  Maybe.  Exhaustion?  Perhaps, although I don’t feel as tired as one might think considering the whole… Continue reading

You put WHAT in my WHERE?

STOP IT, you perverts.  That’s not what I meant.  This is not that kind of blog. The holidays are coming, kittens, and it’s time to talk nog.  I know what you’re thinking: Nog… Continue reading

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