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The Best Life – The Financial Edition

This post could have gone in many different directions.  The direction I was MOST hoping for was the one where we won the lottery on Friday night and then had to figure out… Continue reading

Get Me to the Kitchen!

I’m grumpy, you guys.  Really, truly, honestly grumpy.  My patience for everyone and everything is non-existent today and I’m an unpleasant person to be around. I need my kitchen. On days like today,… Continue reading

Be it ever so humble…

…there’s no place like home!!! I’m back, kittens, and I missed you all terribly!  ESPECIALLY YOU!  Vacation is wonderful and restful and much needed, but there is no feeling in the world like… Continue reading

Bigger than a baby’s arm?

You guys!!!  I’ve been waiting for lunchtime ALL DAY!  I’ve been checking the clock every 10 seconds.  I’ve been so excited that I’m almost shaky.  This is possibly an abnormal reaction to one… Continue reading

A Day of Classics

It has been hot as balls here, people.  I get it – I watch the news…we’re not alone in this.  But you know what?  I don’t mind!  I would take a jillion swelteringly… Continue reading

The VEGGIES are here! The VEGGIES are here!

Fresh off the truck, friends!  THE VEGGIES ARE HERE!  Remember yesterday when we talked about filling ourselves with foods that make us glow?  Here we go! Every second Wednesday, I get a HUGE… Continue reading

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