She’ll Thank Us One Day

So we didn’t make it out for our flaming dairy on Friday.  I came out of a meeting to several missed phone calls and learned that my poor precious innocent little angel (hahahahahahahahaha) had taken a spill at daycare and put three teeth through her lip.

Ouch lip

Poor little muffin!

I raced home to meet Husbandio, who was already en route, and we were relieved to find a happy, hyper little toddler who was no worse for the wear.

Until we decided to take her to the walk-in clinic.

sad baby

Wait…this is NOT the way to the park! We’re going WHERE???

This was a poorly thought-through decision that directly interfered with nap time and led to the meltdown to end all meltdowns.  Moral of the story?  You can mess up a toddlers face all you want as long as you NEVER mess with the sanctity of nap time.*

*Don’t really mess up a toddlers face.  That’s not nice.

I’m not going to lie.  The rest of the weekend was pretty much spent doing whatever the Tornado wanted.  Treats?  Sure!  Park?  No problem!  Dora?  Again?  REALLY?  Fine.

We even went to the racetrack last night to see the ponies run.


Horsies FAST mommy! RUN FAST!

Really though, she should be thanking us.  Women spend BIG MONEY to get big, full lips like what she was sporting all weekend!

So that, my sweet kittens, is the weekend wrap-up.  If you’re ever bored, get a toddler.  Never a dull moment.