Let the Universe Do Its Job

It was a rough start to the Best Life today.  There was NO sleep had in the Land of Me, due to the most throbbing hip pain of my life.  The entire night was spent trying to find a comfortable position, with an extra sweet Husbandio always making sure that I was under the covers.

Offspring was super amazingly sweet again this morning, making me laugh and crawling into my lap to make sure that I knew I was well loved.

baby hugs

She’s really good at loving stuff. A lot.

Through all of this, the pain was still there.  Big time, achy achy pain.   Coupled with sheer exhaustion.  Added to the general discomfort of having a giant man-child living in your uterus.

Luckily, there was apple pie in the kitchen, which sounded like a GREAT breakfast idea.

apple pie

Not THIS pie. This pie is a painting of a pie by Brad Caplis that I found on gunnarnordstrom.com. But it LOOKED like this pie.

“Ha ha,” said the Universe, “not so fast!”

So of course I ended up wearing the pie and had to change my shirt.  Because it was THAT kind of morning.  The Universe hates pie.  You heard it here first.

It made me want to write a post exactly like this one, but Shan beat me to it and she did it in a way that was WAY FUNNIER than anything I could have put together.  Do you know Shan?  She knows lots of stuff about delicious muffins and I sometimes want to make out with her.  Or rub bellies.  Or eat muffins.  NOT LIKE THAT!  I’ve told you guys…this isn’t that kind of blog!

So I kept reading.  And I came across this post by the lovely and talented Amber, and it made me feel a little bit excited about life and possibilities and it made me want to get out there and start doing all kinds of stuff.  Not anything specific…I need a list!  But stuff.

You see, kittens, some days you might feel like shit.  And sometimes it’s even completely justifiable.  But if the Universe wants you to be happy, then it’s going to MAKE you happy.  So you may as well let it.  Lean on your tribe, they’ve got your back.

One last thing.  I know that this blog isn’t sporty, but I saw this and I had to post it because I LAUGHED and LAUGHED and LAUGHED.

stevie wonder

Get it? Because he’s BLIND. Like the replacement refs.

So get out there and have a great day.  Just beware of pie.