Monthly Archive: October, 2012

A FABULOUS Wake Up Call!

Today has been the kind of day that Best Lives are made of. It all started first thing this morning, when my twee little Tornado woke up in the best mood ever.  And… Continue reading

Helloooooo Gorgeous!

So today it was finally time.  Do y’all know that the last time I had my hair done was April?  APRIL.  I haven’t TOUCHED my hair since then.  It’s gross. And because I’m… Continue reading

The True North Strong and Free

Today is all about gratitude.  I have never been more grateful to be Canadian.  Thank you, Canada, for giving me a year to stay home – this is MAGICAL. Last week got super… Continue reading

All Party, All the Time

We’re full of joy and maybe a bit of pizza here at Best Life Headquarters, but just so my favorite kittens (yes, you!) don’t feel neglected, I bring you a photograph of the… Continue reading

The Weekly Wrap Up

Well kittens, we made it.  It’s Friday!  Did y’all know that this weekend is a SUPER LONG weekend for me?  My beautiful Russian friend from Denmark by way of Japan by way of… Continue reading

My Heart is Full

I was unsure of where today’s post was going.  Do you ever have one of those days where you just can’t pinpoint a single thought?  There’s just so much going on that nothing… Continue reading

The Art of Being Happy

I’m sure that I’ve mentioned it a few times here before, but I’ll say it again because I think it’s super important: I believe that you choose happiness. You can’t control everything that… Continue reading

Shaking What My Momma Gave Me

Kittens, this was originally going to be a VERY different posts.  Last night was the night from hell and my twee youngster would NOT sleep on her own and my amazing Husbandio was… Continue reading

The Haves and the Have Nots

Alright kittens, today is full of bloating and monstrous headaches, so I bring you a different kind of list.  A list of Haves and Have Nots.  They are ALL things that I am… Continue reading


I was telling Husbandio about this post this morning and had to come find and reblog it so he could read it. It’s ok, Husbandio, I know how you feel. I promise I… Continue reading

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