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My Social Media EMPIRE…and Amazing Parenting Skills

First things first, my sweet kittens, let’s talk social media. I’ve bitten the bullet and started a Twitter account and a Facebook page for The Best Life, because it seems like the right… Continue reading

Helloooooo Gorgeous!

So today it was finally time.  Do y’all know that the last time I had my hair done was April?  APRIL.  I haven’t TOUCHED my hair since then.  It’s gross. And because I’m… Continue reading


Oooooo…I’m SO SO SO excited!  Do you know what I love more than anything?  LITTLE FOOD.  Ok.  And my family.  And Banoffee.  Listen, you guys, this blog is about my Best Life.  It’s… Continue reading

Colour Me Humble

WOW guys!  What a crazy couple of days it has been!  When I was sitting on my couch yesterday afternoon, writing a post with hormonal tears streaming down my face, I NEVER thought… Continue reading

Never Listen to Anybody

This weekend could nicely be summed up in two words: soup and arson.  The “and” was just joining the two actual words, so it totally doesn’t count.  Don’t get all technical on me. The… Continue reading

Breezes and Baking

Looking back on my many many many days on Earth, I think that my happiest days are always ones that rack up a lot of kitchen time. I just tried to do a… Continue reading


I had loosely planned to implement a Muffin Monday weekly post, but in the face of impending dietary changes, how about Mmmmonday?  That leaves it open to a wide variety of deliciosities. To… Continue reading

Vampires Need Not Apply

Alright kittens, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  My garlic press post.  DON’T SCOFF – I have a total hard-on for this garlic press.  It’s from Pampered Chef and it’s the… Continue reading

A Day of Classics

It has been hot as balls here, people.  I get it – I watch the news…we’re not alone in this.  But you know what?  I don’t mind!  I would take a jillion swelteringly… Continue reading

I’d wrap bacon around you if I could

My name is Anita and I have a confession to make.  If I had a super power, it would be taking a perfectly healthy food and making it more perfect.  And less healthy. … Continue reading

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