About me

This much happiness can't be wrong

One of the best things in my life is this amazing little ball of mischief and cheer.

Years ago, my friends and I had a saying.  “What could possibly go wrong?” we would chant, tongues firmly in cheek, as we proceeded to make the worst, most toxic, but incredibly fun-at-the-time decisions.  Well, the Universe more often that not would take that as a challenge, and life was hard.  Really hard.  For what seemed like forever.

Then one year, I made it my New Year’s resolution to give myself a new mantra.  “My life is the best life.”  I said it over and over, believing every word.  I started right away, even when things were still hard.  I repeated it, all the while trying to find reasons that it might actually be true.  Instead of pointing out the bad, I noticed the good.  I didn’t make it up – I just took the time to stop and be aware.  And there it was – my best life!

Everyone needs a place full of wonderful things.  Somewhere that you can go and just look at all the stuff that makes your life the best life.  This is my space.  Plan to find all sorts of amazingness, from food to people to art to music to travel to EVERYTHING GOOD.