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The Friday Fabulous Five

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be in a better mood.  This has been a crazy week in my brain and I’m wrapping it up by presenting you with a list of five things… Continue reading

Girls Gone Wild!

Oh girls…where would I be without you? Today has been monumentally crappy. I’ve been having the cramps from hell that are making me rethink the whole home birth thing because I would like… Continue reading

We Notice You’ve Been Missing A Lot of Work Lately

Today is a good day, kittens.  Today, I booked the remainder of my vacation days that I had to take before starting my year of maternity leave. Take a beat and re-read that… Continue reading

Even the Best Life has Bumps

Brace yourselves, kittens, because I’m about to tell you something shocking. Ready? Today EFFING SUCKS.  Yup.  I said it.  Life is not perfect, and even onto the best life a little rain must… Continue reading

Little people need love (and jobs) too

I’ve had a long standing fear of little people.  Midgets?  Dwarfs – (OMG I totally that it was “dwarves” but my red squiggly line just taught me that it’s “dwarfs”!) I’m sorry.  I… Continue reading

Just because it’s my blog and I’m allowed to…

I’ve been posting just once a day, and mostly on weekdays.  But you know what?  I’m breaking my own rule today. I’m having kind of a crappy day today.  Even the coffee post… Continue reading

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