The VEGGIES are here! The VEGGIES are here!

The top layer of amazing fabulosity

Fresh off the truck, friends!  THE VEGGIES ARE HERE!  Remember yesterday when we talked about filling ourselves with foods that make us glow?  Here we go!

Every second Wednesday, I get a HUGE box of fruits and veggies delivered.  If I were at home instead of updating you all from the comfort of my office, I would be taking a million photos of the goodness as it was unpacked.  This is still an option, so don’t lose hope.

This box has a million percent changed my life.  Where dinner used to be standard and a little boring, it is now FULL of amazing new recipes that I find all over the internet (thank you, Pioneer woman for this amazing veggie lasagna, and to the most adorable little pink monster for the BEST BRUSSEL SPROUTS you’ll ever put in your mouth) and bring to the table with great panache.  PANACHE IS IMPORTANT!  If you’re going to do something, do it with panache.  Unless that “something” is ceremoniously unsheathing a brand new pizza cutter.  Do not, I repeat DO NOT try to panache that up.  It will end with lots of blood and more bandages than you can imagine.  Or so I’ve heard.

Having a seemingly endless supply of fresh produce at our finger tips has improved our cooking experience so immensely that it’s hard to put it into words.  It lets you truly let go in the kitchen.  Got a rutabaga?  Perfect!  Let’s steam it up a la my good friend (and knower-of-all-things) Sue and then top it with sauteed onions, garlic, and mushrooms!  All this is already at your finger tips! Why would you just have eggs, when you could just as easily throw together an amazing spinach omelet?  Or a frittata that is BURSTING with flavour and makes your kitchen (and your entire life, damn it!) smell amazing?

So go, kittens, go now!  Fill your fridges with goodness and report back with all the recipes you come up with!  Or Google produce delivery in your area and make it an automatic thing that just HAPPENS on a regular schedule.