Project Optimism: Getting Pumped Up

Another new week has started and you guys, I am READY!!!

Admittedly, I spent much of last week slacking off a little.  No writing was done, very little exercise happened, and I may have had an eclair for breakfast yesterday.  OOPS!  But if you know me (and of COURSE you do!) you know how much I love a fresh start.  And today is a FABULOUS day for  a fresh start!

fresh start

Your next exit is TODAY!
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I enjoy a little bit of accountability for my fresh starts, so I’m committed all over the place.  My bestest friend and I are squatting our way to a perfect ass this month.  My international jet-setting fabulous friend has twisted my arm into a push-up challenge.  My triathlon super-hero and I have started a 30-day clean eating challenge today.  Can you feel it?  There is a LOT OF MOTIVATION happening here!!!

I’m also committing myself to be a better blogger.  I’ve fallen off ALL my wagons lately and I’m ready to jump back on.  I’m giving myself a firm kick in the (soon-to-be-perfect) ass and grabbing life by the biscuits.  Because that is my goal for this year.  A lofty goal?  Sure.  Not so quantifiable?  Maybe not, but I know how I feel when I have life’s biscuits firmly in hand, so I will KNOW when I’m on-track.

In keeping with all these challenges, I’m ordering a veggie box this week, and I’ll be bouncing around with Jillian Michaels as soon as I hit publish.  Then I’m going to load up as many fun songs as I can think of onto a SUPER PLAYLIST on my fancy new Blackberry Z10 and I’m going to dance my way through my day!

What do you do to get pumped up? Do you have music that does it for you?  A friend who never fails to light your flame?  Are you motivated by rewards?  Tell me!

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