When Mental Pictures Become Reality


This picture is an exact representation of everything I want out of life

See that?  That, my friends, is exactly what summer is supposed to look like.

It’s no secret that my life is the best life, but even the best life has room for improvement.  That’s why this blog isn’t called my life is the perfect life, see?

This weekend was the Canada Day long weekend and it was full of sunshine and freckley tans and lemonade and more ribs than I’d like to admit to, and when I picture perfection, that’s pretty much a solid contender.  Life is all about figuring out what you love and trying to make it happen.  Every day.  Because everyone deserves that kind of happy, ya dig?  And so here I am, full of the kind of enthusiasm and vigor that comes when you find new purpose to life.

My purpose?  To live the life that keeps me looking how I looked when that picture was taken.  To spend as much time as possible outside.  To be a whole lot more active than I am now (trust me, that part will be easy…)  To eat in a way that makes me glow.  To make everyone around me feel equally happy, because happiness isn’t happy if you’re happy alone.

So let’s do it, friends!  Let’s start an amazing journey!  Let’s find things to do every day that make us glow.  Ready?  GO!!!!