I’m trying really hard not to write “penis” here…

Introducing the best little boy EVER!

I had a whole post ready for today.  It was allllllllllll about my favorite garlic press.  You guys were going to love it.  LOVE IT.  But you’ll have to wait because apparently I have a way better thing to love.

My son!

It’s no secret that I have the best little girl ever.  She is the most amazing, happy, smart, mischievous, loving little ball of beauty that you’ll ever see.  WELL, she’s about to get a little brother!!!

We found out this morning that our perfect little baby bump has all the necessary bits and pieces to be a tiny little mini-Husbandio!  I can’t stop tearing up and bursting into spontaneous applause.  Husbandio is in danger of needing reconstructive surgery on his cheeks from all the smiling he’s doing.  My best life just got even bester.

The rest of this afternoon is going to consist of an amazing nature hike down to a local waterfall, because everything about today has made me want to be surrounded by all the energy in the Universe.  Apparently having a penis inside me puts me in touch with my inner hippie – who knew?

When I eventually get back to Earth, remind me to explain to you why I’m making Husbandio teach his twee doppleganger to speak with a Jamaican accent.  Never a dull moment, folks…