Take Your Own Advice!

Have you ever noticed what amazing life coaches we all are?  If you’re anything like me, then you give the BEST advice.  You can tell people everything about everything, whether you know anything about it or not.  Weight loss?  Sure!  Relationships?  No problem!  Nuclear fission?  Give me a sec, I’m sure I could come up with something.

But here’s the thing.  Do we take our own advice?  When you tell someone to step away from the donuts, do you go home and eat a batch of cookies all by yourself?  No?  Is that just me?  Anyway, I’m going somewhere with this, I promise.

Remember yesterday?  We talked all about self-love?  We promised to be nice to ourselves and believe in ourselves and make today the first day of the rest of our lives?  I know, it was super inspirational.  You’re welcome.  But apparently I didn’t get the memo.

I have a dream.  A long-term, life-long dream that I hold dear to my heart.  I’ve recently started taking teeny tiny little steps to start making the dream a reality, and yesterday I got an email offering me an opportunity to wiggle my toes in my dream water and start the ball rolling a little.  What do you think I did, kittens?  Did I hit reply and instantly accept the proposal and get all excited?


I spent ALL AFTERNOON quietly talking myself out of everything.  Making excuses for why I couldn’t do it.  There wasn’t enough notice.  I don’t have the time.  I don’t have the supplies I need.  I can’t make it happen.  And on and on and on and on….alllllllllllll afternoon.  You know what all those excuses were code for?  I’m not good enough to do this.

Thankfully, something snapped in my brain on the way home (it may have had something to do with being on the phone with my REAL life coach, “Mommy”.) and I changed my thinking.  I broke the project down into components, figured out how and when to make them happen, and accepted the opportunity.  I spent the rest of my night being EXCITED about what was happening, as well as planning for the future so that I would be that much more prepared the next time that I had a chance to move closer to my dream.  I let me cheer myself on and believed that I could do it.  Because kittens, if you don’t believe your own hype, guaranteed no one else will.

dare to dream

This is what I’m doing now. Watch out, world! (click the image to go to the source)

What is your long-term dream, kittens?  If someone came to you this afternoon with the opportunity to get started, would you do it?  You should.  Because I believe in you.