Self-Love, The Best Life Way

Hello again, my beautiful kittens!  Today is a very special day in The Best Life.  Today, we talk about Self Love.

I’ll give you a moment to get your mind out of the gutter.

And to clear your internet search history, you dirty perverty little monkeys!

Ready?  Alrighty then, let’s begin.

Every weekday, I start the day by reading an email from The Universe.  Do you get one of those?  No?  Sign up!  It’s free and the emails are just a short, optimistic way to start your day.

This morning, the email went like this:

Isn’t it a hoot? Anita, of all the people in all the world who actually “get it,” few actually give it to themselves.

Whatever it is you want, Anita, start.

Give yourself compliments, praise, and presents.

Give yourself time, permission, and love. Hugs, kisses, and smiles. Winks, laughs, and applause.

And I will give you even more.

Now, please –
    The Universe

(That whole thing was directly copied from the email from…no words were mine…credit where credit is due, people.)

I love this sentiment.  I think that so often, we run around like crazy people, trying to do everything for everyone else, and at the end of the day, we look in the mirror, frazzled and exhausted, and have nothing for us.  That’s not cool, guys!  I mean, I’m all about doing things for other people.  DEFINITELY!  Making other people happy makes ME happy and that’s worth LOTS.  But it can’t be everything.

Let’s declare today “Self-Love” Day!

Seriously, guys.  I can read your minds from here.  Were you not hugged enough as children???

To start, I’m going to make some lists for 2014.  Husbandio and I have been in resolution negotiations lately, setting goals and making plans.  It’s all very exciting and I have full faith that next year will be one of major growth and joy.  So I want officially write some stuff down today, just so that I can feel like I’m taking positive steps.

That’s not all, friends.  Because really, Self-Love Day should be a CELEBRATION!  And while I love making lists, I’m aware that it’s not exactly what you do at a party.  So as soon as I get home, I’m going to tell myself that I’m pretty and pour myself a glass of wine.

red wine

I know what you’re thinking, how is this different than every OTHER day? It just is, ok? I don’t need to explain myself here. (picture from

Not enough?  Maybe I’ll give myself a hug and permission NOT to do the dishes tonight.

Still the same as usual?

Hmmm…maybe I didn’t think this through.  Apparently I’m pretty good at Self-Love.  (HAHAHAHAHA, FINE!  I admit it.  It was totally funny that time.)

Be nice to yourselves, kittens.  And pour yourself a glass of wine.  You look amazing today!