Exhale – And Tell Me a Secret!

Guess what, kittens?  I DID IT!  My first official act of my secret long term dream happened today and it’s a huge load off my mind and now I can relax and BREATHE again!  I’ve had a crazy week full of preparations, and now all has been delivered and it’s out of my hands and I just want to go home, pour the HUUUUUUUGEST glass of wine you’ve ever seen and sink into a bubble bath.  I know that the bath won’t happen, but if you’re reading this Husbandio, please open a bottle of something delicious and let it breathe.  Oh see?  I have a theme today!  I’m breathing, and so is my wine.  Are you breathing, too?  See how our similar we are? We should totally be best friends.

You know what best friends do?  They share secrets!  I love it when my writing inspires people to tell me things – it makes me feel like a bit of a super hero.  My dear friend and faithful reader recently told me his secret guilty pleasure after reading about all of mine.  Names are omitted to protect the innocent but please know that this fellow, who is one of my favorite people ever, is also one of the biggest music snobs I’ve ever met in my whole life.  Since I’m not telling you who he is, I’ll share his guilty pleasure with you:

Yup.  True story.

Don’t worry – I would never share someone’s guilty pleasure without sharing another of mine.  Quid pro quo and all…

Obviously the original will forever be amazing, but there is something super catchy and amazing about the cover, too.  I can’t deny it. 

Tell me a secret, kittens!  Or a guilty pleasure.  Let’s have a sinful Friday afternoon full of decadent delights!