Mama Was Queen of the Mambo

It’s been a musical day, kittens!  I finally remembered to grab all the cds I wanted out of the basement and so my drive to work was MAGICAL.

Years ago, I was introduced to Manu Chao by one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met (excluding Husbandio, of course.  He regularly makes me laugh so hard that my face hurts and I’m in danger of peeing myself.)

manu chao clandestino

My drive to work made me feel like I was on my way to get a tattoo and some tacos!
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I’ve been CRAVING this album like crazy lately, so I finally got my fix and it was perfect.

Then I moved on.  Have you ever heard Sarah Polley cover “Courage” by the Tragically Hip?  It’s all ethereal and fabulous and I love it.

This all got me thinking about Bob Marley’s entrance into the world and what my soundtrack would be.  I have a strong feeling that I will be in charge of ANYTHING I FREAKING WANT that day, so I’ll get to create my mood.

What should I listen to?  I feel like I’ll want some stuff that’s super energetic, some stuff that’s more mellow, and some stuff that just reaches really deep.

I feel some Eminem in there, but I was listening to Viva Voce by Madrigaia on the way to work, too, and I couldn’t help picture it blaring into my ears and surrounding me for at least part of that day


If you were a baby, wouldn’t you want to be brought in with Serbian gypsy dances and Yiddish, Hungarian, or Mic Mac songs?
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Help me out, interwebs: what would be the ideal soundtrack for your birth?

Tonight is my meeting with a potential birth photographer and I’m pumped.  I have photos that I want to show her and things I want to discuss, and most importantly, she NEEDS to know that there will be mustache glasses involved.

Are you guys following Jules yet?  Because if you’re not, then WHERE are you getting all your mustache-related humor?

Get out there and have an amazing day, kittens, because you’ve only got one shot at today I have faith that it can be truly stellar!