Project Optimism: Hope Springs Eternal

It’s no secret that life with a baby and a toddler isn’t easy.  In fact, as I may have mentioned on a jillion occasions, it’s HARD.  But guess what, internet friends, it doesn’t all suck!

This weekend was a revelation.  A BLISSFUL revelation.  Things are looking up!  I don’t know if it’s the sunshine, the spring in the air, the fruits of consistent discipline or just dumb luck, but things were GOOD.  Almost easy!  I mean, kids will be kids and NONE of them are perfect, but I was able to spend a weekend with my offspring without wanting to run for the hills!  NOT ONCE did I regret letting my passport expire!

cute baby

See that? I saw it all weekend. SMILES and CUTENESS!

I’m not gonna lie.  I was worried this weekend.  I woke up on Friday with the cold to end all colds.  For reals.

I had to cancel much-anticipated plans with some girlfriends, I took The Tornado to daycare early, and I FINALLY took full advantage of Bob Marley’s naptimes.  I totally thought that feeling like this was going to RUIN the weekend.

It didn’t.

First thing Saturday morning, Husbandio (who is the best Husbandio of all Husbandios) sent me for a pedicure.  There’s something about being pampered that really helps kickstart a fabulous weekend.  Nothing much really out of the ordinary happened this weekend, but looking back on it, it truly fills me with hope.

Maybe I don’t suck at parenting, after all.

I mean, I have sucky moments, believe me.  But we all do, right?  RIGHT?  Right.  All that aside, at the end of the night, The Tornado wants to snuggle with me and I get covered in kisses and Bob Marley laughs like a little commercial baby all day long and this weekend was GOOD.

So now, armed with the knowledge that life won’t always leave me wanting to discreetly grab my keys and drive off into the sunset, I feel much more ready for the season to change.  Bring on some sunshine – I WANNA PLAY!!!

Feeling blue?  Don’t worry, be happy!  Because this, too, shall pass.