Colour Me Happy

My Husbandio really IS the best Husbandio.

Last weekend, we went shopping for a few necessities that were much-needed in our plague-ridden house.  We were out of Kleenex and that just doesn’t fly here.  I know, I know…it seems insignificant, but bear (bare? never mind, it’s “bear”…”bare with me” means “get naked with me” and as I’ve previously stated, that only flies with Husbandio) with me.

We very recently gave our only bathroom a little facelift.  Nothing major, just some new hardware, new paint, and the removal of the god-awful glass doors from the bathtub.  The problem with the facelift was that neither Husbandio nor I were happy with the new paint colour (color for my American readership).

Enter our Kleenex.

I replaced the long-empty box from the bathroom with a fresh new box and inspiration hit me.  I had found our new colours.  It was Kismet!

soothing colours

Don’t these look like lovely colours to surround yourself with whilst showering? I thought so, too.

I skipped into the kitchen, box in hand, to show Husbandio my brilliance.  And do you know what he did?  He went into the garage, mixed the colours, and immediately started to repaint the bathroom!


It may seem like a small thing to some people, but for some reason this really touched my heart.  I mean, I was insanely impressed with the fact that he could just go and mix the colour, but the fact that he sprung into action like that was just so NICE.  I’m an instant gratification kind of girl, so seeing this all come together so quickly totally worked for me on many many levels.

If you’ve ever used a lot of street drugs a neti pot, you will understand how I feel today.  I’m not congested, I’m a faucet.  I literally have water (please, just let me pretend it’s water) streaming from one side of my nose.  But it’s ok, because I get to look at my pretty new bathroom walls and mentally pat myself on the back for my stellar mate-selecting skills.

Enjoy the little things today, kittens.  They all add up to big joy!