I’m linking to one of my favorite blogs today because, as always, she says what’s in my heart better than I ever could. I’m struggling with a lot of inner demons lately that all come back to this. So while I sit and try to magically become a more compassionate person, please read this post and fall in love with her, too.


I’ve been waking up really early lately.  It’s like my brain won’t shut off.  And you know me, it gets me thinking about a lot of shit.  Thank God I’ve started blogging, so all that shit has somewhere to go.

The other day I was farting around on the internet and came across some article about what one characteristic you wish your child would grow up to have.  The article itself was more about what was going on in Steubenville, and a commentary about instilling good values and moral compasses in our sons, but I’m not sure I need to blog about that.  What happened there was wrong.  The continued victimization of the victim is wrong.  It is not okay to rape someone no matter how drunk they are.

What I was thinking more about was how I would answer the question.  If I could pick a defining characteristic for…

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