Project Optimism: Attempting a Brain Makeover

sad weight

I know how you feel, sister!
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It was bound to happen sooner or later, and truth be told, it was bound to happen this week.  Today marked the first Monday in 2013 that I did not see a smaller number for my weigh-in.  In all honesty, I earned the gain.  We had lots of beer and cupcakes and chocolate and chips this week, completely the opposite of how I’ve been eating all year.

And that’s ok.

In every life, a little fat must fall.  Or whatever.  You know what I mean.

So does this send me tumbling into a pool of self-pity and misery?  Of course it doesn’t.  It actually has the opposite effect.  I’m really bad with success.  When I start to see results, I often slow down and sabotage myself because hey…it’s working.  I can relax.

This is a ridiculous attitude that helps NO ONE.

What should happen is that seeing results should make me say, “HEY!  This is totally working!  Let’s work harder because we KNOW we’ll get to where we want to go!” so I’m really really really trying super hard to re-wire my brain to that path of thinking.  So far I haven’t gotten there.  But this week will at least get me back on track.

funny brain

Someone needs to have a stern talk with my brain.
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Have any of you animals tried the 10-Minute Trainer?  I’m a little skeptical about being able to accomplish anything in 10 minutes, but I’m more skeptical about getting to work out for an hour a day ever, much less every DAY.  If you or anyone you know has tried it, fill me in!  Did it work?  Did you like it?

How does your brain work?  Are there any thought patterns you’d like to alter?  Spill the beans!