Little people need love (and jobs) too

I’ve had a long standing fear of little people.  Midgets?  Dwarfs – (OMG I totally that it was “dwarves” but my red squiggly line just taught me that it’s “dwarfs”!) I’m sorry.  I… Continue reading

Intimacy: Too much too soon?

I swear I’m not a prude.  Truly.  I’m probably the OPPOSITE of a prude.  An unprude!  Non-prudular! Inhibitus non havus.  But last night, I was faced with a suggestion that made me, well,… Continue reading

And exhale…

Here we are…one of my favorite times EVER.  The start of a new month.  Doesn’t that sound so full of hope?  So full of promise?  The only time that the start of a… Continue reading

You say you want a revolution

I feel like I need some structure.  Thus far, my blog has been written kind of like this: Evening time…dinner looks great!  Quick take a pic for tomorrow’s post!…driving into work…this song is… Continue reading

Some bliss for a friend

Just because I don’t ever want my most recent post to be about TERRIBLE BAJILLION-LEGGED BUGS, here is a picture for a beautiful  friend of the taxi that drove us around when we… Continue reading

An Unexpected Blessing

I wasn’t really sure where today’s post was going to go.  The weekend was great, but nothing really out of the ordinary happened with the exception of a lot of Olympic watching. Would… Continue reading

Stop me before I cut again!

I have an affliction.  Not many people know about it, but my nearest and dearest understand the severity. Bangs. I can’t help it.  I LOVE BANGS.  And once every three years or so,… Continue reading

Wanna Snuggle?

I took this picture out of the window of my car this morning as I was driving to work.  I didn’t want to have to Google “gloomy, rainy days.” Wanna know a secret? … Continue reading

Ask and you shall receive

The Universe is super smart.  I really truly believe that with all my heart.  Sure, things aren’t always easy, but they’re never harder than you can handle.  And just when you’re about to… Continue reading

I Can Sleep When I’m Dead – It Should Be Any Minute Now

See that little angel on my shoulder?  That’s my sleeping baby.  I barely recognize her like this because SHE DOESN’T SLEEP ANYMORE. And guess what that means.  EITHER DO I. Sorry.  I didn’t… Continue reading

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