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Feel Sorry for Bob Friday

Poor, poor Bob Marley.  He lives in my belly, but has very little say on what happens around him.  Usually, things are relatively calm.  Food and water are readily supplied, rest is taken… Continue reading

Theoretical Thursday: The Best Life Gets Scientific

Listening to the radio this morning, I heard about a study that was reported in New Scientist magazine saying that semen made women happy. Apparently, they divided groups of women according to how… Continue reading

My Husbandio is the Best Husbandio

Since the weekend, I’ve been seeing something odd in Offspring’s room.  I kept meaning to ask Husbandio about it, but by the time I would get down the hall, it had fallen out… Continue reading

I Got Biology Wrong

Sit down, you guys, because I’m about to tell you something you won’t hear me say very often.  Because it doesn’t happen very often. I was wrong. When I told you all that… Continue reading

The Best Life: The Pregnancy Edition

I totally just took a belly picture in a bikini to post today, but then I laughed so so so hard that my eyes got all blurry and I decided I liked you… Continue reading

SMILE! – The Universe is Watching

Here’s a little incredibly well known fact about me: I have exactly two expressions that show up in every photograph ever taken of me. 1. Crazy smile 2. Kissy face This is going… Continue reading

Be it ever so humble…

…there’s no place like home!!! I’m back, kittens, and I missed you all terribly!  ESPECIALLY YOU!  Vacation is wonderful and restful and much needed, but there is no feeling in the world like… Continue reading

Little people need love (and jobs) too

I’ve had a long standing fear of little people.  Midgets?  Dwarfs – (OMG I totally that it was “dwarves” but my red squiggly line just taught me that it’s “dwarfs”!) I’m sorry.  I… Continue reading

And exhale…

Here we are…one of my favorite times EVER.  The start of a new month.  Doesn’t that sound so full of hope?  So full of promise?  The only time that the start of a… Continue reading

You say you want a revolution

I feel like I need some structure.  Thus far, my blog has been written kind of like this: Evening time…dinner looks great!  Quick take a pic for tomorrow’s post!…driving into work…this song is… Continue reading

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