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As my fitness resolution, I’m going to give up drinking, eat 100% clean, and go to the gym six times a week.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I know, right?  I laughed, too.  Don’t worry, guys!  I haven’t completely lost my marbles.  What the hell am I going to write about if I’m sober all the time???

My return to blogging has already had SUCH a positive influence on my life.  The day that I posted about renewing my passion for my tribe, I received several messages from friends far and wide, ready to reconnect.  I COULD WEEP FROM JOY, Y’ALL!  It warmed all my bits and pieces to see that my people know when they’re being missed!

I’m really hoping that putting my next resolution in writing will have a similar effect.  Within moments of publishing this post, maybe the nice people at fitbit will magically find out about me and decide to send me one of their fabulous bracelets and catapult me on my way to physical perfection!  Right?  RIGHT?  Damn it…a girl can dream.

In all seriousness, I do have fitness goals.  I’m trying to be incredibly realistic this year.  We know I’m not going to give up my vino (or my vodka, or my champagne, or my whiskey, or really anything) so I’m not going to set myself up for massive failure with that one.  In fact, most of my fitness goals get put into place so that I can enjoy as much wine as I’d like to.  Eat too much junk?  Then you have to sacrifice alcoholic calories to maintain your physique.  NO THANKS.  I’d rather eat better.  Sit on the couch doing nothing?  You better put down the beer or else you’re going to see it in your pants.  NO THANKS!  I’d rather sweat a little.  See?  I’m realistic.

So down to the brass tacks.  What’s the plan, right?  Right.  So far, my winter plan revolves around the fine folks at Team Beachbody.  I’ve done their 21-Day Fix, and I did the first month of P90X before Christmas happened but there was just too much fun happening to really be super committed.  I was throwing around a few other options until one fateful night, in the middle of a garage party, I found myself co-committing to Insanity with the husband of my gorgeous new friend.  As someone who has a long-standing hatred of all things cardio, this is going to be rough.

shaun t, insanity

Buuuuut….staring at Shaun T for 60 days might not suck… (photo from

Wanna know what the best part of “rough” is? No, not that you pervert! It’s not “impossible.”  So yeah.  It’s going to be a sweaty 2015.  But it’s also going to be GORGEOUS!

And really…fitbit folks…CONTACT ME WITH AN AMAZING SPONSORSHIP OFFER!  I like to talk about stuff that I love!