In With the New

It’s been a hell of a long hiatus, and I’m not good at re-hashing the hows and wheres of why I’ve been gone for so long, so let’s just jump right back in where we left off, shall we?  Please?  I’ll be your best friend!

That’s actually an amazing segue for what I’d like to discuss today.  *sidebar – another day I’d like to discuss what a bizarre word “segue” is.  For reals. Anyway…anyone who has read this blog at all ever will recall how much stock I put in having a solid tribe.  It’s beyond important.  It saves you, it defines you, it raises you up.  It’s the best gift you can give to yourself, and the best gift you can give someone else.  When you have a solid tribe, everything, and I MEAN EVERYTHING, can happen.  And when it does, your tribe will be your alibi.

This year has been a stellar year for my tribe, so as a kick off to my New Year’s Resolution series (welcome to volume one, by the way!) this is my official pledge to nurture my tribe.  I have a horrible habit of getting very insular and getting into my habit-y habits and not really looking up.  So unless someone is already deeply woven into my life, I’m probably going to spend most of my mornings thinking, “SHIT!  I totally should have called *insert your name here*” and I’m SORRY.  But this ends here.  This year will be a year of mornings that sound more like, “SHIT!  Last night with *insert your name here* was AWESOME!” and you’re welcome.

This year has been full of awesome.  For the first time in five years, my bestest bestest came to visit and met my husband and children.  Kind of a big deal.  It renewed my faith in everything and completely filled my heart.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  EVERYONE NEEDS A SARAH.

friends, love

We were too busy catching up on everything and measuring stuff to take many pics, but LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS SHE IS!

I’ve also been lucky enough to be blessed with the loveliest Ashley that anyone has ever seen.  She’s my home base.  My nightly partner in crime.  One of the most thoughtful people you’ll ever meet.  My day isn’t complete unless I’ve spoken with her.  If I haven’t seen her in a couple of days, then I start to twitch.  She makes the best jello shooters you’ll ever consume, and when she snuggles with you in the hot tub, your heart will grow three sizes.

friends, slutty, expensive, warm

We were trying to look “serious but warm” but our friend said it was more “slutty but expensive.” Whatever.

So those are my established, wonderful girls.  My bread and butter.  My soul-completers.

And now, for 2015, we’re adding to the tribe.  I’ve recently had the pleasure of meeting exactly the kind of “mom friends” everyone wants to have, but no one ever gets.  The crazy, drinky, foul-mouthed-angel-faced dream girls that make you laugh until your belly hurts and you need to change your panties.  The chicks who will day drink on a weekend and walk into your garage like they own it.  The ones who make you feel normal.  And they’re AMAZING.

friends, crazy moms

This picture was kindly taken by two guys who sat at the bar for FIVE HOURS because they didn’t want to miss the show. And it was a good one.

So, my friends, I’m super lucky.  I’m surrounded by love that hits every note.  And this is my pledge to nurture the shit out of it.

Let’s start now – what are your resolutions?