Get Baked and Veg Out

Honestly, I should set a new blogging goal of once a month.  Pretty much all I think about is how I can fit in more baking, how to perfect various recipes, and how to somehow turn this all into a profitable business.  How many posts about muffins are y’all really willing to read?  Pervert.  Not that kind of muffin.  Although maybe having a “back room” in the bakery would help with the profit margin.  I’ll have to run that one by the health inspector.

poppy seed muffins

Come in for the poppy-seed muffins, stay for the debauchery!

I did all the baking in the world this weekend.  AMAZING apple buttermilk muffins that seriously had me singing and proclaiming to all who would listen that I AM A MUFFIN GODDESS.  Super great blueberry muffins.  Perfect poppy-seed muffins.  Banana bread.  Zucchini bread.  Banana chocolate chip muffins.  Seriously, the only time I turned the oven off was when I was supposed to be making a lasagna.  OOPS! 

Tonight I have had a super special request for raspberry muffins that I can’t WAIT to try to make.  My day started off perfectly with a beautiful friend tearing into my driveway at 6, handing me her frozen raspberries and tearing off into the sunrise.  I’m so so so beyond excited to get home and throw on an apron.  The more I think about it, the more that truly tells me everything I need to know about my life.  If I’m DYING to get home to make muffins, maybe turning that into my career isn’t such a silly idea?

What pulls you out of bed in the mornings?  They say that if you do what you love, you don’t work a day in your life.  What do you love?  If you could design your own career, what would it look like?