I Wanna Be Your Guitar

Let me paint a picture for you, kittens. 

It’s a hot hot hot summer day.  You’re tanned.  Your hair is long and dishevelled.  You’re wearing a jean skirt that barely qualifies as a skirt and a tank top that is all clingy because it’s so hot that you’re glistening.  You’re with whoever you should be with at the moment because things are about to get even hotter.

You feel a beat.  It’s deep and it’s dirty.  You hear a voice, and it matches the beat perfectly.  You shake your hair a bit because it feels so hot against your back and shoulders.  You take a sip of your drink.  It’s really strong, but you can feel its coldness sliding down your throat.  You feel your man moving your skirt even further up your leg.

Now listen to this song.

You’re welcome.