The Friday Fabulous Five

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be in a better mood.  This has been a crazy week in my brain and I’m wrapping it up by presenting you with a list of five things that you need in your life.  Ready?  Let’s do this.

1. Kongos.  I’m putting this at number one because I discovered this song this week and I love it.  AND they’re from South Africa, so I’m supporting the wonderful family that I married into.

2. My co-workers.  I HAVE A DREAM, you guys, and my co-workers rally around me to help me whenever I drop a request.  Need loaf pans?  Get yourself an Emily because she’ll scour the Earth to find you the right size.  And she won’t let you reimburse her, thus making her the first official investor in your Bake Shoppe.  Need some recipes to peruse?  Get a Rebecca and a CZ.  They’ll make it happen.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Everyone needs a CZ.

But buyer beware: not all of my coworkers are this nice.  Some of them wait until you have a super great eye makeup day and then make you watch the Say Something video so that you weep at your desk.  Thanks, Jenny.  Guys, I can NOT watch sad old people.  I just can’t.  I weep like a baby.  Have y’all seen this video?  When the little old man crawls into bed beside his wife my heart stops.  I’ve always told Husbandio that if he dies first, I’m going to koala myself around him and we’ll get buried together because I don’t wanna exist without him.  This video totally killed me.

3. The Tornado.  This girl, oh lord this girl.  She is my sunshine when skies are grey.  And our brainwashing is working wonders.  We’re trying to convince the kids that they’re Jamaican, and if you tell The Tornado “It’s Friiiiiiidaaaaaaaay” she responds with “YA MON!!!”  I think we win at parenting.

toddler tornado

Cool as a cucumber, this little chicky.

4. Bombay.  I get that not everyone is a gin drinker, but I am and I REALLY AM and my mouth has been happy ALL WEEK LONG.

bombay sapphire

I felt you this morning, my friend, but you were worth it.
(photo from

5. USS.  I saw these guys play a few years ago and I’m gutted that I didn’t know any of their music back then.  If I was at that same concert today (ok, maybe not the same one because I think it was all ages and ewww…was it, Dede?) I would dance my face off.

There you have it, kittens.  That’s my happy place right now.  Everything is rainbows and glitter and life is good.

What made you happy this week?