I Dream of…Muffins?

Listen to the Universe, kittens.  Just do it.  Don’t second guess what it’s telling you.  Stop doubting that you can do things.  Just DO THEM. 

doubt kills dreams

Take this to heart. Believe in YOU!
(I have no idea who made this picture, so if it was you please tell me and I’ll credit it!)

I have a very active mind that mulls things over a lot.  A LOT.  Too much.  For every pro, there’s a con.  For every yes, there’s a no.  While this can sometimes keep me out of trouble, it can almost always keep me from greatness.  And guess what, you guys?  That’s not cool. 

This week has been very eye-opening.  I swear, the Universe is telling me things.  Every time I turn around, all signs point to YES.  To DO IT.  To TRUST YOURSELF.  And not least of all, to LISTEN TO YOUR HUSBANDIO.

My brain has been swirling all day, playing with numbers, sorting though logistics, praying for a generous influx of cash, picturing cute labels and trying on aprons.  Yes.  My brain tries on aprons.  It’s a joy to live in my head some days.

I feel as though my “to do” list has “to do” lists today.  Every point on my master list has a sublist of information and action items that are needed to cross anything off.  I’m motivated and scared and excited and anxious and FULL OF ALL THE FEELINGS.  All of them.  Are you feeling a little blah today?  Like, something is missing?  It’s your feelings.  I stole them.  Sorry.

I have a favor to ask of you, my faithful readers.  I’m in search of good muffin recipes.  I have lots, of course, but it’s always nice to have some input from people who have their tried and true favorites.  What do you like in a muffin?  What is your go-to muffin of choice?  Bonus points if you have a recipe (or a link to one).

So seriously.  Tell me about your muffins.