An Ode to My Bestest

OH DAILY PROMPT!!!  You are WONDERFUL!  THIS is a subject I can really sink my teeth into!

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned from the person you’re the closest to?

My bestest friend in the whole wide world is Sarah.  If you know me, you know her.  Or you’ve at least heard of her.  You’ve seen her all over my Facebook.  You’ve watched me laugh as I’m reading a text.  You’ve heard me wish that she was here right now.

Saree and Niter

She completes me.

Sarah and I have a long and beautiful history of working together, living together, and loving each other.  We’ve laughed, cried, screamed, jumped into crazy cabs, hidden behind trees on snowy nights, and watched people’s balls glisten in the moonlight.  You name it, we’ve found a way to make it funny.

There is a zero percent chance that I could tell you the most important lesson that this amazing woman has taught me.  There are too many.  So here’s a short list.

1. Always have your friends’ backs.  Always.  If you have a problem (yo, she’ll solve it!) Saree has your back.  Is someone mad at you?  Tell Sarah.  She will email them the most skillfully woven Fuck You letter you’ve ever read.  If you need someone in your corner, NO ONE will be there before Sarah.  Truly.  She loves first, asks questions later.

Sarah and Anita

Can I please relive my youth forever? KTHX!

2. Be happy.  Life isn’t always good to Sarah (2013, I’m looking at you!) and I won’t lie – she’s not some crazy wide-eyed lunatic with no emotions.  Of COURSE she has sad days.  But you know what?  That’s what they are.  Sad days.  You think that I’m positive?  Sarah makes me look positively GRUMPY.  She is wonderful and amazing and the sun shines out of her freaking ass.  True story.

duck face

We were ducks before being a duck was a thing.

3. Be pretty. 

WHAT?  How is that a lesson???

Um, hello.  LOOK at her.  Seriously.  Take a minute, I’ll wait.

True, this is a girl who was blessed by nature and genetics (hiiiiiiii Shaaaaaaaaaaane!) and was bound to be beautiful no matter what, but she doesn’t stop there.  Why?  Because she cares.  About herself and about the people around her.  She knows what’s up, you guys.  And what’s up is that when you look good, you feel better.  Sure the reverse is also true, but that doesn’t negate the fact that a little bit of vanity can be good for your soul.  She showed me that it’s ok to want to feel pretty, and that it’s ok to want the people around you to think that you’re pretty.  And more than any of that, it’s FUN to be pretty!  Playing with makeup!  Changing your hair!  Not paying for drinks!  There are many good things here, ladies!

boob eater

She also knows the importance of a balanced diet. Whaaaaaaaaaat?

I could go on for days and weeks and months and years about all the reasons that Sarah means the world to me.  Y’all have no idea.  One of my most important reasons for wanting to win the lottery is so that she and I will be able to live within walking distance again.  Like, in different wings of our sprawling mansion.  In Tahiti.  Morning coffee our art room, Saree?  I’ll meet you there!

Who is your bestest?  What’s the most important lesson that they’ve taught you?