The Best Life – The Financial Edition

This post could have gone in many different directions.  The direction I was MOST hoping for was the one where we won the lottery on Friday night and then had to figure out how to spend all of our money.

*spoiler alert – that’s not how things ended up happening.  I know.  I was just as shocked as you are.

Admittedly, the lottery win wasn’t a super likely scenario, but guess what you guys, a very likely scenario was that Husbandio and I sit down to talk about our finances, and then lots of crying and a few raised voices ensue.  The raised voices is a bit of a stretch because that’s not how we roll, but I’m a girl and I’m basically made of hormones so crying is never totally off the table. 

budget cuts

This isn’t far off, but we’re not quite there yet!
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*spoiler alert – that’s not how things ended up happening, either!

Mark your calendar, friends, Husbandio and I sat down and had a super grown up talk about finances, complete with many lists and lots of calculating, and not only were there no tears, but there was much laughter.  Now, the laughter was more of a “throw your hands in the air and shake your head because holy shit how did this happen but oh well we have to deal with it” hahahaha which isn’t ideal, but at least we finished the conversation just as (or maybe even MORE) in love as we started it.  THAT’S A BIG DEAL!

So now we get down to brass tacks.  I have been put in charge of stuff.  All the stuff.  Husbandio hands over his cheque, and I combine it with my cheque, and then I make sure that everyone is happy at the end.  This will most likely be harder than I’m making it sound, but as it stands I’m kind of excited.  We believe that it’s a smart move on our part to have one person playing God with the money.  Someone needs to see the whole picture.  Each of us having small windows into the picture wasn’t doing anyone any favours.

Now I need to find new and exciting ways to stretch a dollar.  We weren’t really sure about a grocery budget, so we threw a number out there and we’re putting it into an envelope and that’s it.  So I ask you all, what is your monthly grocery budget?  Are we crazy to think that $300 should feed us?  In addition to the $300, we also have our biweekly fruit/veggie box delivery which covers all of our produce needs.  We can do this, right?  RIGHT?

What else do you do to stay on track?  How do you keep your household in the black?  Do I have any financial geniuses in my readership that can make money appear?