I Love Me

It was recently brought to my attention, by an incredibly stunning woman, that bitches be crazy.  Fine, I’m paraphrasing a little bit, but the gist of it all is that we’re so busy seeing the bad in ourselves, that we don’t see the good.  TRAGIC.  And the worst part of it all is that we prevent others from seeing the good.

We’ve all done it.  We get to work and someone tells us we look great.  “Oh, it’s just the makeup.”  “Smoke and mirrors, my friend.” “Oh stop – I look TERRIBLE!  I’m exhausted and I need to lose ten pounds!”  This is horrific and must stop.  Why do we insist on basically telling people that they’re stupid.  They MUST be either blind or giant liars if they’re saying nice things about us.  COME ON, ladies, STOP IT.  Stop it right now.  Look down and love what you see.  It’s not conceited to not hate yourself, for goodness sakes!

In the interest of being the change I want to see, here is a list of five great things about me (OMG!  One of them should be that I’m a poet because that totally rhymed):

1. I’m pretty.  True story. 

2. I’m funny.  You may not like everything I say, but at some point, you’re gonna laugh.

3. I’m a great friend.  If I love you, you KNOW you’re loved.

4. I have really long legs.  And I like to kick them when I get excited.  It’s a great thing because they look fabulous when they’re flailing around wildly.

5. I have a great smile.  Again, true story.

I'm beautiful

Really. Thanks. I appreciate it and it’s ALWAYS nice to hear it.
(photo from wishafriend.com)

I know that most of that list was physical stuff, and that was on purpose.  We spend so much time hating our physicalness (yup, physicalness) and when asked to say something nice about ourselves, we always default to “I’m smart,” “I’m interesting,” or even, “I have great eyes.”  Those ones are easy.  Sure, they’re important, too, and probably more important in the long run.  But the point of this whole thing is that it is OK to love what you see.  It is OK to be proud of the jillion squats that you’re doing.  It’s OK to see yourself and fall a little bit in love.  Because you’re worth it.

Your turn.  What are five things you love about you?