The Best Life: The Medical Edition

Well, 2014 has been one hell of a year so far, kittens!  If things continue the way they’re going, y’all are going to have to send me all your coffee.  ALL. YOUR. COFFEE.  Seriously.

Last week, I had the pleasure of getting spayed.  Bob Barker would be so proud!


A shameless hospital selfie. See? I trust you all to see me with NO MAKEUP and barely any clothing. Now seriously. Make with the coffee.

I had my whole week of recuperation planned out.  It was beautiful.  It involved our couch, a blankie, handfuls of Tramadol, and my good friend, Netflix.  Well, guess what?  LIFE HAD OTHER PLANS.

Thursday morning, the daycare called.  Bob Marley was sick and needed to be picked up.  I had to get my trusty incredible sister-in-law to do the honors (see the aforementioned handfuls of Tramadol) and then my week of recuperation was officially over.

sick baby

Look at his poor sick little face! How can you NOT want to give him all the snuggles and all the love?

So Thursday, Bob-o had a fever.  And Friday, Bob-o had a fever.  And Saturday, Bob-o had a fever.  What’s going on?!?!  Give this poor kid a break!  Finally, sometime on Saturday night, Mr Bob Marley stopped having a fever and life was easier again.

Until early in the wee hours of Sunday morning.

The Tornado came into our room, weeping and ON FIRE with fever.

Poor Tornado

I don’t play favorites. I take pictures of ALL my sick babies.

So Sunday, The Tornado had a fever.  And Monday, The Tornado had a fever.  And Tuesday, The Tornado had a fever.  I thought we would never be healthy again.  I spent all day Tuesday alternating between trying to get The Tornado to have sips of fluid and BLEACHING ALL THE THINGS because I could not deal with germs and sickness for much longer.

But now, faithful readers, it’s Wednesday (huuuuuuuuuuuuump day!!!) and the germy dust seems to have settled and all my little cherubs are safe in the loving arms of daycare where they belong.

The Daily Prompt today is about things being all they’re cracked up to be.  We’re supposed to write about a time when everything turned out exactly as you’d hoped.  I laughed and laughed and laughed SO HARD when I read that, considering this miserable attempt at a relaxing week off, that I didn’t even bother trying to come up with something.  I’m embracing a week of things NOT being perfect and putting it behind me.  Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind me.

Onwards and upwards, kittens!  And seriously.  Coffee, please.