Please Don’t Give Me Wrinkles!

Today, my beautiful readers, I need your help.  I had a blissful day off with Husbandio yesterday that was everything you can ask for in a day off (as long as your don’t mind coping with excruciating boob pain for most of it.)  We had the best breakfast ever, watched a couple of movies, and generally just enjoyed each other’s company.

Why do I need your help, you ask?  What could possibly be wrong?  Well, it was the movies.  The first one, specifically.  A number of people had recommended a movie to me because the main character owns a bakery.  You guys, here’s a little secret.  Just because a character owns her own bakery, does NOT mean that I will enjoy the movie.  Allow me to give you my pictorial review of It’s Complicated.


I know it’s not pretty, but that was the look on my face for pretty much the whole movie.
(photo from

Honestly!  Movies all about divorce and adultery make me feel awkward and uncomfortable and making that face gives me wrinkles.  NOT COOL.  I spent most of the movie feeling sorry for Steve Martin’s character and not even the bakery made up for it.  It’s not even the KIND of bakery that I want.  So, you see, it was two hours that could have been better spent on my day off.

So here’s your mission, dear readers.  I have a week off coming up in January during which I will be pretty much stuck on the couch alone.  I find Netflix a little overwhelming because I honestly just haven’t had time to watch a lot of TV/movies in years and I don’t know where to start.  Where would you start? 

If you had a week of painkillers-and-couch-time to kill, what would be in your queue?