My Dose of Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, not just my American friends.

I texted my beautiful friend today to congratulate her on doing an outstanding job in putting together a passion project all about the joys of breastfeeding.  You should TOTALLY check it out.  Seriously.  Click here.  If you were wondering what my last year looked like, that’s basically it.  Although there WAS a lack of maniacal toddlers twirling around in those photos, but I suppose that’s not EVERYONE’S reality.

But I digress.  When I texted her to congratulate her, she texted me back wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving.  I responded in like, but then she quickly replied saying that she realized that I don’t do Thanksgiving today.

I disagree, my pets.  I do Thanksgiving EVERY day.  I wake up, and am immediately thankful to be waking up next to my best friend and soul mate.  Moments Seconds later, I am usually forcefully reminded that I have not one but TWO beautiful expressions of our love, clamouring for our instant affection.  We have a beautiful home in which to store the offspring, food on the table, cars to take us to jobs that we don’t always dread, and we are surrounded with a tribe who, more often than not, are happy to share our company.

So today, as I suffered through a mega-unpleasant day full of food poisoning and promises lies about never eating samosas again, I took a moment to stop and be thankful.  Thankful that I had the day off, so didn’t have to deal with food poisoning at my desk.  Thankful that I could veg on the couch for a bit and enjoy some Netflix (I’ve now officially seen The Hunger Games, and I admit it…I totally watched The Notebook and now I understand why women love Ryan Gosling…and we’re out of tissues.)  Thankful that my life truly is the best life.


I’m also thankful that we had the best summer ever, and thankful that my memory is weak enough that I can forget all the parts of said summer that were NOT the best.

What are you thankful for, not just today, but every day?