First We Walk – Next We DANCE!!!

Big news at The Best Life, you guys.


And typical of The Tornado, she has stolen the moment from my poor baby boy because every time someone watches the video, SHE is their favorite part of it.  You can’t even SEE her in the video.  THAT is the power of The Toddler Tornado.  You’re all helpless against her charm and enthusiasm.

This morning we woke up to snow.  Not tooooooooooooo much, but enough to make the world beautiful.  My drive to work today was honestly magical!  The trees were perfectly frosted and snowy, and the snow in the fields was untouched.  I tried super hard to take a picture to show you, because I LOVE you, but it’s surprisingly hard to get a good picture using your phone while you’re driving.  I know.  I was shocked, too.

snow village

It basically looked like this. Quaint, snowy, and full of magic.
(photo from

Can you imagine being a kid right now?  This is their TIME.  This is when the snow first starts to fall and the world is covered in a crazy white blanket and instead of grumbling about how cold it is or how much the stupid snow-scrubber-brush thingie for your car sucks, they look outside and think OMG OMG OMG LET ME OUT RIGHT NOW I WANNA PLAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!  I remember that feeling.  And while I’m not quite there now, this morning I DID wish I could walk through our beautiful Victorian Village with a mug of coffee and Bailey’s and enjoy the moment.  I rolled down my window and just let the air roll in.  Not for too long, it is cold, after all.  But for just a quick moment, the world was a different place. 

Now tomorrow I have the day off and it will be BAKE-A-PALOOZA.  I’m making gingerbread biscotti and it’s very exciting and very important that I get it right because I’m mailing some to my cousin in Switzerland.  How can you turn down a request like that?  I called the post office to make sure it was ok, and I think they must be drinking there this morning because I talked to the funniest woman who just laughed with me the whole time and told me that it was fine to mail biscotti to Switzerland, but apparently it’s illegal to mail erasures shaped like food to Italy.  See?  Now you learned something.  You’re welcome.

If I was going to send you a package of baked goods, what would YOU want included?