Ritual is Necessary…

“Ritual is necessary for us to know anything”  – Ken Kesey

I’ve been thinking a lot about ritual lately.  Not necessarily big elaborate rituals.  Not any great rites of passage.  Just our daily rituals.  Habits we have formed.  Acts that bring us comfort.

Few things in life make me happier than my morning cup of coffee with Husbandio.  (Note I said few things.  There are all kinds of other things that I do with Husbandio that make me happier, but this is not that kind of blog post) Whoever showers first makes coffee while the next person is in the bathroom, and we take a few moments to start our day together.  How can you not love that?  In a time where we’re running around from morning to night, dropping kids off, picking kids up, trying to remember to feed everyone, bath time, bed time, every time, blah blah blah…there’s something magical about a quiet cup of coffee.

Especially when a sleepy little princess comes toddling out of her room, rubbing her eyes, with hair that looks like she spent all night doing head spins on the carpet.

head spin

Seriously. Is THIS what is happening in her room at night???
(photo from recordsetter.com)

The more I think about it (which has become a ritual in and of itself lately) the more I find that I’ve inserted a bunch of little rituals into my day to keep things trucking along.  There’s something lovely about making a cup of tea when I get to work.  I like to call my mom while we both drive home from our offices.  It feels like a secret high-five when Husbandio and I clink our glasses to toast the kids being asleep.

Have I told you guys that my mommy calls me every Friday morning to sing me a song she makes up about how it’s Friday and we’re happy?  True story.  Now THAT is a woman who appreciates the true power of ritual.  How can you not be happy all week, knowing that you have a Friday song to look forward to? 

What rituals do you have in your life?  And do they mostly revolve around beverages, like mine?  Is that weird?