It’s Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas

This weekend went by so quickly that I can’t even believe it.  It was windy and dreary and blustery and snowy and so we filled it with movies and coffee and Bailey’s and snuggling.  It’s weird – when I think about the actual weather, it seemed so miserable, and yet our home was so warm and lovely.

The holiday baking has officially begun.  This weekend, I turned out five dozen (FIVE DOZEN!) ginger cookies that are absolutely delightful and made the house smell fantastic.

ginger crinkle cookies

I wish I could send you some…but apparently five dozen isn’t as big a number as I thought it was and they’re disappearing at an alarming rate!

The baking will continue this week with gingerbread biscotti and some sort of thumbprint cookies, maybe meringues and then obviously some sugar cookies to decorate with The Tornado.  For Christmas, I’m going to need new pants.  Stretchy pants.  And maybe a moomoo mumu tent to wear as a dress.

Holiday drinking has also begun (although I’m not dipping into the egg nog yet – see above comment re: stretchy pants) and we’ve managed to schedule Bailey’s, beer, wine, rye, AND rum into our daily lives.  Saturday afternoon I even made us hot toddies with spiced rum and we sat in the living room reading fliers and watching the Trans-Siberian Orchestra concert on Detroit Public TV before taking out our teeth and turning in for the night because WHEN DID WE BECOME SENIOR CITIZENS????

Do y’all have any holiday traditions?  Baking you do?  Drinks you make (like super secret egg nog recipes that you want to share)? Gifts you hide? Pranks you play?  So far the only thing I’ve done is made the poor Tornado weep her eyes out when I told her that I was calling Santa when she did something naughty this weekend.  I feel like I need something a little less evil for the twee ones to remember…