Let the Fog Roll In

I’m blessed to have a really awesome commute in the mornings.  Don’t get me wrong, all I want in life is to be able to walk from my bedroom to my bakery in the morning, but if I MUST get in the car then at least I get to drive through rolling countryside and see cows and horses and fields of wheat? corn? I dunno…something peaceful looking.

This morning it was foggy and dark and the traffic was non-existent.  The Beastie Boys were on the radio and I had the promise of fresh-baked bread to look forward to with my cup of tea when I got to work.

Do y’all buy bread?  Really?  I’m going to let you in on a little secret here: buying bread is silly.  It’s full of bizarro things and it doesn’t make your house smell good. 

Last night, it was Husbandio’s turn to put The Tornado to bed, so I escaped into the kitchen, threw on an apron and rolled up my sleeves.  I didn’t have time for a full-blown, let-stuff-rise kind of bread, but there was MORE than enough time to get a quick bread into the oven.  I let some yeast activate with some warm water and sugar, added some flour, salt and baking powder, and did some therapeutic kneading.

Super awesome tip from a soon-to-be-professional baker #1: When you take off your wedding rings to knead your dough, always place them next to your glass of wine.  That way, you will ALWAYS remember to put them back on and you won’t have an (understandably) upset Husbandio asking you if you’re in a fight when he notices you’re sans bands for a day or two.  Whoops!

By the time Husbandio emerged, foggy and rubbing his eyes from his Tornado session, there was fresh bread cooling on the countertop and I, once again, stepped up onto the podium to accept my Wife of the Year award.

fresh bread

How can you resist this golden perfection? Stop trying. Just eat!

Now I’m safely settled at my desk, fresh bread toasted and making my tummy ever-so-happy, cup of tea by its side.  THIS is how one maintains a happy disposition at work.  Go forth and spread some joy, kittens!

What is your go-to breakfast during the week?  Do you eat at home or at the office?