I don’t know how to like music

I have a confession, you guys.  I don’t know how to like music.  I can’t casually think that a song is kind of ok.  If you ask me if I like a song and I say, “It’s not bad,” I’m totally lying to you because I think it’s rude to say, “Ewww seriously?  That makes me want to stab myself in the ears.”

My only settings with music are LOVELOVELOVE and no thanks.  When I love a song, I LOOOOOVE a song.  I insert myself into the song.  I direct and star in the music video.  I find every way that it relates to my life.  I turn it into an anthem.  I dive right in and wiggle around until it surrounds me with sheer awesomeness.

Don’t get me wrong…I’m fully aware that music is subjective and not everyone loves what I love.  I’m perfectly ok with that and I make no apologies for my taste in music, no matter how misguided.  Music snobs hate me.  The music that I love doesn’t need to be obscure!  I love what I love, and I love where it takes me.

So today I present you with my current loves. 

And always and forever…

Which songs take you away?  Tell me your favorites!


Edit: OK…WHY are my YouTubes not working today?  Is it just my computer?  Can you see them?