Kicking Off the Season in Style

This weekend was perfect.  You know that life has dramatically changed when just being able to go out for dinner and drinks with a fabulous other couple throws you into high gear with giddiness until you’re channeling your inner Joyologist in their garage at midnight.

True story, kittens.  I high-kicked my way through the evening.  There was much enthusiasm.  And much vodka.  Much, much, much vodka.

I’ve been writing and deleting paragraphs in my head all morning, but how do you top that?  Seriously, you guys.  Go and do some high kicks.  Your day will automatically become 400% better.  That’s science and you can’t argue with science.

Stay tuned later in the week, when I will cure all your ailments with a Foxtrot and some amazing jazz hands.

I wish I had some photos from the night, because we all cleaned up nicely and no one even wore any yoga pants at all, but I feel ok leaving you with that clip.  I’m honestly mesmerized by it.  I can watch Molly Shannon all day long.