Baby You’re a Song

You know those days when you get a song stuck in your head and it takes over your life?  I mean, not just the tune playing in your brain all day, but the whole essence of the song making you want to pack up your desk, throw your sunglasses on, and drive until you find somewhere warm?

I’m having one of those.

Say what you want about the song.  If you’ve been a faithful reader here for any amount of time, you’ve come to cherish my questionable taste in music, right?  RIGHT?  But come on, you guys.  LISTEN to it.  To the words! 

“Baby you’re a song, you make me want to roll my windows down and cruuuuuuuuuuuise”

It’s perfection.  It’s summer.  It’s suntans and short skirts and daytime drinking and lip gloss.  It’s all my favorite things wrapped into a song. 

legs, tan, summer

Remember summer? I do.

This summer was truly the best summer ever.  I’ve never spent more time outside in my whole life.  Bob Marley and I went on walks every day.  I took the kids to the park in the morning and again in the afternoon.  The TV stayed off.  If our eyes were open – we were outside.  We had amazing tans, streaks in our hair, and we glowed.  You just can’t hide that kind of happy.  Our evenings were spent sitting outside with friends and booze and music and love.

I know that the holiday season is starting and I promise that soon enough I’ll be singing about Rudolphe and pestering Amber for the egg nog recipe that she’ll never give me no matter what, but for just today, I’m going to close my eyes and cruise.