All You Need Is Love

Today is a wonderful day, you guys!  Four years ago today, I married the sexiest, funniest, kindest, most attentive and generous man I had ever met.  I know that there is no shortage of loving tribute to Husbandio on this blog, but he deserves every word, plus SO MUCH MORE. 

I didn’t think I was the marrying kind of girl.  Or the mothering kind of girl.  And then in waltzed (literally waltzed…he used to waltz me out of bed and into the shower in the mornings!) this handsome neighbour who made me change my mind about everything.  For the first time in my life, I WANTED to go to sleep with someone and still have him there in the morning.  And not just that morning – EVERY morning.  And I wanted to make little people who looked like him!  WHHAAAATTTT???? I know.  We were ALL shocked.


How could I NOT want to make little people who look like this???

He’s the best person I know for more reasons than I can list.  He is hands down the best father out there.  He’s the greatest lover (you guys, spoiler alert: I didn’t marry him for his money).  He’s handy around the house.  He kills bugs.  He makes me laugh too hard.  He’s an amazing friend.  His heart is the biggest heart that has ever hearted.  He keeps me warm and he makes me fall in love with him every single day.

Wanna know the secret to a happy marriage?  Love each other.  And like each other.  And never stop talking.  And eat good food.  And drink a lot.  And daily sex.  And don’t bitch at each other.  And appreciate the little things.

Fine.  I don’t have the secret to a happy marriage.  I just have a long, but incredibly simple list of things that work for us.  And I’m thrilled to get to spend the rest of my life with a man who helps me learn all ways to love. 

He makes my life the best life.