Just Close Your Eyes and Jump

It’s been so long since I’ve been here that I don’t even recognize anything any more.  I’m giving myself brownie points for remembering my log in information, and that reminds me that I’ll have to post about amazing brownies one day soon.

Since my last visit here, life has been full.  I’m back at work now and in a weird way, that has made things more manageable.  Not practical things like making dinner or cleaning the bathroom, but other things like being sane and finding joy.  I’m actually having a lot of trouble articulating exactly what I want to say right now, but I think it comes with the territory of not writing for so long, and not wanting to start with a super heavy topic, know what I mean guys?  Of course you do.  Because you’re my people.

To ease you back into The Best Life, I bring you a photo of the most adorable girl ever, riding an elephant.


I asked if we could take her home with us, but the Elephant Handler wouldn’t be convinced. Next time I’m trying a giraffe.


And of course, the most handsome boy in the Universe, giving you his most lovely birthday smile.

cute, toddler,

Can you believe that he’s one already? I need magical “stop growing right now” powder.

So let’s start over, friends.  Let’s reconnect and get back into the swing of things.  We have a lot of Best stuff to catch up on, and lots more to discover.