Project Optimism: A Snapshot of Your Life

It’s another Monday and we’re completely sleep deprived here at The Best Life.  The four-month sleep regression is a real pain in the dick.  But are we letting that stand in the way of our optimism?  NOT A CHANCE!

Today I’m focusing on the now.  Everyone’s life is a series of events.  People you meet, decisions you make, actions you take.  And you know what?  Sometimes the people are assholes, the decisions are made in haste, and actions are toxic.  At the end of the day, a combination of all of these things, good and bad, turn you into the person you see in the mirror every day.

I regret nothing.

Wanna know why?  Because MY LIFE IS THE BEST LIFE.  Today isn’t about examining the past, today is taking a snapshot of my life and having a look.  My family is amazing.  The family that I married into would blow your mind with their fabulosity.  My tribe is full of incredible people.  My offspring are full of life and joy.  My house is a home.  SUMMER IS COMING.  Life is good.


YAYAYAY!!! Life makes me JUMP!
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My darling little cherubs are currently conspiring against me to ensure I never sleep again.  They take shifts being awake.  This is starting to cloud my cognitive decision-making and gross motor skills.  But after dropping The Tornado at daycare this morning I made Bob Marley comfy in his bouncy chair and had a magically invigorating shower with my favorite body scrub and now I’m waiting for my sister-in-law to BBM me and I’m going to bounce out the door with a spring in my step and take today by the biscuits.  Because that’s what this year is all about.

Look around at your life today and take a mental picture of the things that make you happy.  There will always be gray skies (today’s gloomy weather is a perfect example) so do yourself a favour and be your own sunshine!