Project Optimism: The Sweetest Paradox

Happy Monday, kittens!  It’s a new day and a new week so let’s all collectively forget that last week ever happened and maybe this week will totally make up for it!

I’m BEYOND PUMPED for this week!  I’m all full of energy and motivation and I have all the faith in the world that this week doesn’t stand a CHANCE in the face of my dynamicness.  That’s right, faithful readers, I am dynamic!

Moments after I hit “publish” on this post, I’ll be trying level three of the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred for the first time.

jillian michaels

If I’m not back by next week, please call the authorities.
(photo from

I’ve been working out with my long distance torture partner and bestest friend, and it’s TOTALLY paying off.  How, you ask?  LET ME TELL YOU.  Do y’all want to know the best (appearance focused) compliment you could ever pay a woman?

“Baby!  You’re looking skinny.  AND STRONG!”

Husbandio is VERY GOOD at this game.

In related news, we’re 16.5 pounds down on WeightWatchers which puts me at my pre-baby weight.  YOU GUYS!  Hard work totally pays off!

I know that it sounds superficial and vain, but I’m really LOVING being a little bit active again.  I mean, I love the WeightWatchers stuff because it’s satisfying to see the numbers dropping, but I’m actually enjoying the working out part, too!  Let me re-phrase that.  I’m not enjoying the working out part.  Plank jacks and squats and static lunges are NOT FUN.  But I love how I feel three seconds after it’s all done.  That makes it all worth it.

For those of you who need the Cliff Notes version of this: working out sucks, but being fit rocks.  It’s totally unfair, but I’ll deal with a bit of unfairness in exchange for killer abs.

I’m so scattered this morning!  I usually write these posts on Sunday night and schedule them for the morning, but, as I previously hinted, last week was the week from HELL and there was no time for such foresight and preparedness.  Since that wasn’t accomplished, I’m trying desperately to type a few words inbetween making Bob Marley laugh so hard that he gets the hiccups.  See?  My life is the best life.

bob marley

He snorts when he laughs!!!


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