Desperately Seeking Summer

It’s that time, kittens.  That time of the year when I am sick to death of snow (or the pathetic dusting of white on the ground that is passing as snow this year) and DYING for the day when I can have a drink outside.

We’ve done a pretty good job of keeping ourselves occupied this year.  The kids have had all kinds of adventures in the hopes that they don’t realize that they’re trapped inside.

Bob Marley did some science.  SCIENCE!

pea pod

Entering the space ship. Ground control to Major Tom…

The Tornado has discovered new and exciting ways to be noisy.

But now it’s time.  I miss sunshine.  I miss outside.  I miss everything about summer.


Remember summer? I do.

This month is hard for me.  Anitauary is a JOYOUS month full of my favorite days.  Anita Eve, Anita Day, and Anita Boxing Day.  The holy trifecta of the Anita Birth.  But part of me not-so-secretly wishes that the glorious occasion fell in the summer months.  I’m just not made to be a winter baby.

Maybe this is why I married a South African?  In South Africa, they celebrate the Anita Birth as it is meant to be celebrated.  Outside, drunk, and barbecuing.  Or braai-ing, because they’re international.

Leave me some sunshine.  What are you looking forward to this summer?  Or alternately, how do you intend to celebrate the Anita Birth this year?