Project Optimism: Passion or Bust

An amazing girlfriend recently sent me a link to a blog that hit all my buttons and made my brain spin.  The post was great, but it wasn’t so much the post that got to me, as the underlying theme.


I love passion.  LOVE IT.  I love that crackle in the air that makes you excited and a little sweaty and makes you feel like you can take the world by storm.  Sometimes it’s physical, but the passion that I’m talking about here is the passion for something, not someone.


Don’t get me wrong…I’ll NEVER say no to this kind of passion, either.
(photo from


THIS is what I’m talking about today. See this woman? PASSION.
(photo from

I’ve always wanted to have a burning passion.  Something that I just lose myself in and know EVERYTHING about and want to spend all my time talking about and that makes my eyes light up when you mention it.  But you guys, I don’t even have a hobby.

Sure, I like to read.  But not PASSIONATELY so that I can tell you about all the classics or all of ANY specific genre.  I just LIKE it.

Yeah, I like music.  But not a specific instrument.  I couldn’t even tell you my favorite band.

Sports?  Not really.  I enjoy fitness, but you only have to look at me once to know for sure that I’m not PASSIONATE about it.

Art?  I like pretty things.  But but but…you get my drift, right?  NO PASSION.

I’d say that the only thing that I’m really passionate about is finding something to be passionate about.  Because I WANT it, you guys!  I WANT something to drive me!  I WANT to champion a cause!  I WANT something to get me out of bed and motivated every day.  ***Just please don’t let it happen due to any tragedy.  I’ve learned that sometimes you need be specific with the Universe!***

It will happen, kittens, I’m OPTIMISTIC.  I will find my fire.  I will take the world by storm.

Until then, I’m happily nurturing a love of wine (not passion, just a LOT OF LOVE) and a newfound commitment to a hot hot hot body.  They may not lead to passion with something, but they fuel the passion with my favorite someone.  And that makes me happy.

What are you passionate about?

Project Optimism

This elephant is PASSIONATE about the trapeze!!!

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