Make Your Mornings Count!

I wouldn’t say that I’m a morning person by choice, but I’ve had a lifetime of early mornings and so I’ve kind of become a morning person by default.  I still need a cup of coffee to start my engine, but I will shock the pants off of you with how much I get done before cup numero dos. (SEE?  Dora can be educational!)

It’s very tempting, especially deep into a maternity leave, to nap all day long.  Or to plant your baby-weight-filled ass on the couch and “take a little time to enjoy The View.”  *gag*  No thanks.  Once you start down that road, getting up can seem really overwhelming.

NOT TODAY, kittens!  Not today.  Today my morning has COUNTED!  Laundry?  Check.  Workout?  Check.  Breakfast? Check.  Sleeping baby?  Check.  Do you know what this means?  DO YOU?  It’s time for a dance party.

My mom partner-in-crime is grooving it to Pink as we speak (type?) and I’m about to take my firm-from-squats ass into the kitchen to dance around like a fool and so I’m leaving you with my asspiration (see what I did there?) and a quick shake-your-ass playlist.


This chick is AMAZING. And in her 40s. Click on the pic to link to her tumblr. And then DO YOUR SQUATS!


Whatever, you guys, I OBVIOUSLY didn’t make this list to impress you.  JUST DANCE!!!  You don’t have to pretend to be cool when you’re dancing in your kitchen.